Tips on Buying Your First Chainsaw

Tips on Buying Your First Chainsaw, ,many people might know that chainsaw is known to be one of the most dangerous power tools in the world. There are some reasons why it is known as the most dangerous power tool.

Tips on Buying Your First Chainsaw

Mainly, it is because there are more than 40,000 people who got injured every year when they are using this machine. Even though it is quite dangerous, but the machine is still very powerful.

When you are shopping for chainsaw, you need to consider some aspects.

Here are some simple tips:

In shopping for your first chainsaw, it is important for you to consider the frequency of the usage. Many beginners are making mistakes by misjudging the type of chainsaw which they are buying. You might see there are many people who are purchasing the machine which is too powerful or too ineffective.


It is better for you to ask the experts on what saw which is working according to your requirement and how often you will use it. These aspects help you to get good starting point.

Inexperienced cutters who are trying to use bigger and more powerful machines might face the safety issues. Bigger and powerful chainsaw involve hazards. Without proper experience and knowledge, you might face some dangers.

There are many people underestimate the usage of bigger chainsaw

You should remember that bigger chainsaw machine is not only big but it needs to be operated by stronger person. The machine causes tiredness to creep in quickly.

If the operator is not strong and experienced enough, tiredness can lead you to fatigue and sloppiness. You might see there are some people who are injured because of this sloppiness.

For people who are planning to use the chainsaw on regular basis, gas chainsaw can be the best option. Gas chainsaw is mobile which makes it beneficial for heavy cutting jobs. You will not be disturbed by cord like you experience when you are using electric saw.

There are many models of gas chainsaws  In finding the best brand for gas chainsaw, you should consider getting products from Stihl and Husqvarna. These companies offer outstanding chainsaw. You will be able to choose the best chainsaw from their collection.

Electric chainsaw is more suitable to be used within suburban areas

The main reason is because the chainsaw is much quieter than the gas chainsaw. Cutting jobs within suburban areas are less frequent and lighter. Electric chainsaw will be good option. Another advantage which is offered by electric chainsaw is lighter and cheaper to operate and buy.

Electric chainsaw will be good option for special circumstances like when you need to complete heavier trimming jobs. The chainsaw is very useful to cut down the trees.

In this present day, there are many brands of chainsaw available in the market. The most popular brands are Stihl and Husqvarna. They have many fans who love their products.

However, you can also consider other brands like McCullough, Poulan, Echo, and Homelite. You are recommended to read the testimonials from the users. However, you also need to consider your own needs.

Gas vs Electric Chainsaws:

In this present day, there are many options of chainsaw available in the market. When you are shopping for the new chainsaw, you might find it is quite difficult to find the best one since the number of chainsaw options is quite huge. The first thing to consider when shopping for chainsaw is choosing the type of the chainsaw.

There are two main types of chainsaw available which are gas and electric chainsaw. Before shopping for chainsaw product, it is better for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

The first type of chainsaw is the petrol chainsaw. This machine is running on petrol or gas fuel. The option is more traditional option compared to electric type. However, the machine can operate faster than electric chainsaw.

Another advantage of the machine is more portable than electric chainsaw

As the result, you will be able to cut through thick tree trunks easily. Another advantage of the machine is more portable than electric chainsaw. You will be able to use the machine anywhere without being disturbed by power cord.

According to the researches, there are many people who prefer to use petrol chainsaw since it is working more powerfully. Due to this reason, the chainsaw is more suitable for completing many heavy duty tasks.

Gas saw is also more preferable for many people since it has various engine sizes allowing them to get the best model according to your requirement.

Despite of all benefits offered by gas chainsaw

it still has some disadvantages. Petrol chainsaw requires more maintenance compared to electric chainsaw. Users will need to invest more time and money to maintain the machine. You also need petrol and oil to operate the chainsaw.

In some cases, the machine will cost more expensive. Another disadvantage of the petrol chainsaw is noisy operation. Using the machine in some suburban areas might not be appropriate.

Another type of the chainsaw is the electric chainsaw

Which is the newer version of traditional chainsaw. Electric chainsaw is more suitable for small projects around the home. The machine has lighter body and easier operation than petrol chainsaw. Because of this, the machine is better option for people who are still not experienced with the machine.

The machine does not need much maintenance to keep it running in their maximum operation. The users just need to make sure that the chain is sharp and you are good to go.

Electric chainsaw is operating quieter compared to gas chainsaws

The quiet operation makes the machine more suitable option for suburbs or working early in the morning. Since electric chainsaw does not produce any pollution or toxic fumes, it is friendlier towards environment. However, electric chainsaw still has some disadvantages. The first disadvantage is its portability.

Since it is using power cord, it will have limited portability which can cause trip hazard. It will be impossible for you to bring electric chainsaw into forest where there is no access to power outlet. Electric chainsaw is not working as powerful as petrol chainsaw making it not suitable for heavy duty jobs.

In choosing the best chainsaw, you should consider your own requirements. There is a possibility that certain type of chainsaw is suitable for one person but not suitable for other people.

Makita UC3530A

Makita UC3530A can be the best option of chainsaw. As we know, Makita is one of the most popular brands for various construction tools. They have 90 years of experiences in advanced motor design. The company keeps making new innovation for their products. In engineering and manufacturing their tools, Makita is using the latest innovation to provide the best power tools.


Like other Makita products, Makita UC3530A provides more power and less weight allowing the users to enjoy more compact and more efficient performance. You might see the tool is used in various job sites in the world. The tool has many features which will help your construction works.

Makita UC3530A is using one-touch tool-less blade and chain adjustments. The users will be able to operate and to maintain the tool easier. The company has designed the electric chain saw with rubberized grip handles and large trigger switch.

These features provide more comfort allowing the users to operate the chainsaw comfortably. The safety of the chain saw is supported by built-in current limiter, electric chain brake, and double insulated design.

The users will be able to operate the chainsaw safely. Not only safe, but the chainsaw is also convenient. It is equipped with oil reservoir in a large shape, clear window and automatic chain oiler.


When you are using this electric chain saw, you will not experience any problem which usually occurs at gas chain saw. In operating the gas chain saw, you will experience the gas problems; including spark plug that sometimes fail to operate and even too dirty, the fuel filled with water, unclean air cleaner, port of exhaust filled with carbon and much more.

However, it will not happen if you are using Makita UC3530A, since it is electric chain saw. Even though it does not have any gas problem, it is possible for you to use the saw to complete indoor or outdoor job. The users will be able to store the electric saw safely.


Many consumers in Makita UC3530A stated that they are really satisfied with the product. The chain saw has the soft star feature and overload protection. You might find the price of the product is higher than other chainsaws, but you should know that the price is totally worthy with the quality offered. The chainsaw has outstanding quality and balance.

The advantage of Makita UC3530A which is highly praised by many users is the quiet operation. You might not believe with the idea of quiet chainsaw. However, many users have been tested the product and it is the quietest models available.

The company claims that the users will not disturb the environment. Even though it is heavy, it still has soft start. You will not experience any jerking action in turning on the saw. The users also do not face any difficulty in disassembling the saw for cleaning purpose.

When you are purchasing Makita UC3530A, you will need to pay additional costs for longer extension cord. This option does not come along with the product. You might also want to get generator for the saw operation.

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